Germinating Ti Seeds

Germinating Ti Seeds

How To: Germinating Ti Seeds

Place ti seeds between two layers of wet paper towels and soak until they split and start to germinate. With this method of germination, ti will normally sprout within a week or two, so you need to keep the paper towels wet until the seeds split.

Fill a small pot with a well draining cactus mix. Soak the soil and allow it to drain completely.

Make a hole ¼ inch in the soil, drop the seed in and cover lightly with soil. Place pot in good morning sunlight (about 6 hours a day) or under a grow light, keeping away from frosts or freezing temps. In most areas, full sun and particularly during the hot part of the day, will fry ti seedlings. If you are able to grow seedlings under a shade cloth that would be ideal, but simply placing your pots where they have some protection from hot afternoon sun will also work.

Ti's watering needs are opposite plumeria and adenium. Where they do best on the dry side, ti is more forgiving and prefers to be a bit more wet. Watering is going to depend on season, temps, etc. Don't allow ti to completely dry out.

Like many foliage plants, ti is grown for its beautiful variety of leaf colorations. Too much fertilizing can dull your ti plants, so don't use the same fertilizer you would for plumeria/adenium. Osmocote time release granular fertilizer is a good choice for ti.

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