Adenium Seeds

High Quality FRESH Adenium Obesum Desert Rose, Arabicum, Somalense Seeds!
All Seeds are Guaranteed to be Fresh! Only the finest Quality seeds are hand-picked and sent to our buyers!
Due to its resemblance to plumeria, and the fact that it was introduced to the Philippines from Bangkok, Thailand, the plant was also called as Bangkok kalachuchi in the Philippines. Adenium are often bonsai cultivated to resemble a dwarf plumeria.

Double & Triple Flower Adenium Seeds

Double & Triple Flower Adenium are all hand pollinated and are being introduced into the U.S. through Plumeria Paradise, as new hybrids are propagated and become available. 
These are very new and there are only some pictures available at this time.  Pictures used will be representative of  the mother plant.  Double & Triple flower adenium colors will look identical to mother plant except have double or triple flower blossoms.

ALL Adenium Seedlings

Our Adenium Obesum Desert Rose Seedlings are all at least 15-18 months old
These are all fresh rooted adenium/desert rose seedlings.
Size of caudex = 1.5 - 2 Inches ( 15 - 18 month seedlings ) height up to  18 inches.
Double and Triple Adenium seedlings are new to the U.S..  Plumeria Paradise will introduce new hybrids as they become available.

Adenium Seedlings
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Adenium Seeds
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Double Flower Adenium seeds
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Triple Flower Adenium Seeds
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